DaltonSkyGazer Astronomy News Magazine Portal

The DaltonSkyGazer Astronomy News Portal is based on the Flipboard online Magazine format. This section is updated several times a week to highlight the latest astronomy and astrophotography related news releases. The news sources are pulled from a variety of website on the internet. Some topics I follow include space travel, current events, physics, astronomy hardware, observatory construction and operations, astrophotography, astronomy tutorials, mission updates, and astronomy news.

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About DaltonSkyGazer

I created the DaltonSkyGazer Observatory Blog and Website to share the lessons I learn as I progress on my path to mastering the fine art of astrophotography. Everyone has seen beautiful colorful images of space in magazines, yet few truly comprehend just how difficult it can be to capture and process those images.

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The tutorials section will be updated early on in 2015. A few tutorials from the past will appear along with several new astrophotography tutorials, all of which are written with beginning astrophotography in mind.

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Field Power Distribution System from Zengineering

New Astronomy Product: The Zengineering Power Brick- DC Power Distribution System

New for 2015, the Zengineering Power Brick 12 volt Dc Power Distribution System.  All you need is a deep cycle marine battery and the Zengineering Power Brick to provide power for all of your astrophotography gear in the field or while set up at your observatory.  *Note the Power Brick is an Electronic Power Distribution System, a marine deep cycle battery is required and must be purchased separately. With adjustable […]

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Snowmagedon 2015 – Honest Weather Forecasting or Overblown Media Hype?

Weather forecasters have been going absolutely crazy the past few days calling for a blizzard with historic amounts of snow.  You would think the end of the world was coming based on the various cover story titles posted these past few days.  The governors of several states have called for complete closure of the road systems within respected states ahead of the actual storm hitting.  Since when do states completely […]

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V5 Astro Products ZEQ25 Tefplate

New Astronomy Vendor Announcement_______V5 Astro Products

V5 Astro Products is an online astronomy store, devoted to upgrades, accessories, and modified products for the iOptron line of telescope mounts.  Almost all V5 Astro products are hand fabricated or crafted in the USA. There is no mass production and quantities and availability of items will vary. V5 offers various upgrades which improve periodic error and smooth out tracking on several iOptron Mounts. The upgrade kits are very easy […]

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Moon Image Triplet 80mm Meade

DaltonSkyGazer Observatory Switching to A New Website for 2015

I am currently in the process of updating the DaltonSkyGazer Observatory website.   I will be making many changes during coming weeks, during this time many articles and features will be unavailable.  A few of the older articles and tutorials will be back up along with several new ones which have been in the works for some time now.  You will see many changes taking place at DaltonSkyGazer Observatory Blog and […]

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